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Hello, I'm Fuyaozi Wang.

I'm Fuyaozi WANG.

Born and raised in Vienna.

I am 22 years old and have been practicing martial arts for 21 years.

My mother and I continue to run the martial arts school my father started in Vienna.
Welcome to Study @ Wushu Academy Wien

My Story

My father, Dongfeng WANG, was a disciple of Wushu Master Prof. Zhang Guangde from Beijing Sport University. he came to Europe in the early 80's and became the first Wushu teacher in Austria.

My mother, Maria WANG, from Vienna, Austria, has been practicing Chinese martial arts for 35 years and is a 6th dan of the Chinese Wushu Association in Beijing, China.

I myself have been practicing martial arts since childhood, specializing mainly in Long Fist (Chang2 Quan2), Baton and Sword. I studied at the Beijing Sports University as well as at a Taoist martial arts school in Wudang Mountain, where I obtained the 3rd dan rank at the age of 10 and passed the 4th dan at the age of 15. I have won the Austrian Wushu National Championships 6 times, in the Long Fist and Stick disciplines.

Besides Wushu, I am also good at free-running, parkour, dance (modern, hip-hop), classical social dance, athletics, rhythmic gymnastics and swimming. In Austria, I attended a sports high school where, in addition to the usual high school diploma, I received a diploma in Physical Education covering athletics (shot put, sprints, 3k run and long jump), rhythmic gymnastics (themed dances, belts, team tire performances), apparatus gymnastics (balance beams, uneven bars, balance beams, and floor), and sports science. During this time I also qualified as a fitness instructor in cooperation with the Austrian National School of Physical Education and Sport and obtained the certificate "Open Water Diver".

Currently, I work as a security guard, model and actor, including stunt work.

I am bilingual (German and English) and speak both languages fluently, as well as a number of different dialects, and my French is also very good. Unfortunately, my Chinese is very limited and I can mainly communicate with a vocabulary of martial arts related teaching moves.


I'm always looking for meeting new friends.

Let's connect.

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