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🧧🐉 Chinesisches Neujahrskonzert 2024🐉🧧
chuanmener x Friends 10% off Promo Code 

2024年甲辰龙年新春将近, chuanmener携手Wu Promotion很高兴为您介绍由中国中央民族乐团带来的第24届中国春节民族音乐会之维也纳站。欢迎和我们世界的音乐之都用中国的民族音乐一起共庆新春!


🎟️❤️ chuanmener粉丝更可联系我们获得特别优惠码!享受所有价位座位九折的优惠。别错过这个独一无二的机会,呼朋唤友一起在维也纳享受这个种花家的音乐盛宴。让我们一起共迎新春,共同迎接精彩的中国年! 🐲🎶🎉🎫


👇 现在注册您的邮件,我们会把优惠码发送到您的邮箱。座位有限,赶快行动起来吧!

With 2024 Chinese New Year of the Dragon approaches, chuanmener is honored to join Wu Promotion to introduce the 24th Grand Chinese New Year Concert Tour in Vienna which featuring the China National Traditional Orchestra. Join us in celebrating the Lunar New Year together!


🎟️❤️ Chuanmener fans can contact us to get a special discount code! Enjoy a 10% discount on seats of all prices. Don't miss this unique opportunity to gather friends and enjoy this floral-themed music feast in Vienna.

Let's welcome the New Year together and embrace the splendid Chinese year! 🐲🎶🎉🎫


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chuanmener x Wu Promotion

January 19, 2024

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