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Welcome to Our Mini Dragon Boat Festival Event in Vienna!

Time: 1:30pm-4:30pm June 25th, Sunday, 2023

Address: Schönbrunner Straße 40 1050 Wien

- Zongzi Making
- Yellow Rice Wine Tasting
- Chinese Calligraphy/Painting
- Lanzhou hand-pulled noodle show

Small gifts for the first 50 guests who come and experience the above rituals. (Limited offer, first come first serve!)




开放时间:2023年6月25日星期日 下午13点半-16点半

地点:Dancing Noodles 跳舞的面条餐厅 Schönbrunner Straße 40 1050 Wien



  • 学习学包粽子

  • 品正宗绍兴黄酒

  • 画扇面或写大字

  • 观看正宗兰州拉面制作


更有机会选购手做南北粽子、黄酒及其他精选中式产品。完成端午习俗体验,更有机会获赠chuanmener和dancing noodle提供的小惊喜(一共50份,现场先到先得)。

dragonboat chuanmener_女儿红题图.png

Yellow Wine Tasting


Experience the authentic Chinese wines especially yellow rice wine, produced from glutinous rice.


Zong Zi Making


Learn how to make this famous Dragon Boat Festival Specialty - Zong Zi (​Rice Dumpling) 

chinese painting.png

Caligraphy Try-out


Unlease your creativity by using Chinese pen to write on Rice Paper with Chinese inks.


Watch Noodles Dance​观手工拉面工艺​

Twisting, Stretching & Pulling...

traditional artisans behind fabulous tastes of Lanzhou Noodles

Our Supporters

Dancing Noodles

Our co-host for the Dragonboat event.

Established in 2019, Dancing Noodles is one of few in Europe dedicated to Lamian Noodles hand-made freshly onsite. Each portion is pulled live by our master chef and pulled into different widths and shapes depending on the taste and preferences of the guests.


Location (click to google map)

Schonbrunner Strasse 40, Vienna 1050 Austria

yueshanxi logo square.png

Yue Shan Xi月山夕

Formerly known as Ruisi Innovation Lab, YueShanXi was founded by Hongzhen LI in Beijing in 2014, dedicated to serving as the guardian of traditional Chinese folk art craftsmanship by protecting and rejuvenizing traditional Chinese skills in modern lifestyle. 


The three characters "month", "mountain" and "xi" come from the dismantling of the word "years", implying that the years are quiet and good, and the story is timeless.

Screenshot 2023-06-10 at 3.58.20 PM.png

Jaxin Wein & Spirituosen

As the only official importer and representative of Chinese Baijiu spirits in Germany, Jaxin Wein & Spirituosen GmbH was founded in Berlin in 2018. Jaxin dedicates to bringing high-quality, exquisite Chinese products as the cultural bridge between German and Chinese cultures.



HerbaSinica was founded in 1996 by the pharmacist Eberhard Hilsdorf and the botanist Dr. Wenjun Zhong with the aim of importing high-quality Chinese medicinal herbs from China and meeting the ever-increasing demand for qualified TCM recipes in Germany and Europe.

PanAsia square.png


Hubed in Vienna, with sub-companies across 7  European countries, PanAsia is a wholesaler specializing in Asian groceries and seafood, offering retail merchants and restaurants a large range of dry and frozen products, drinks, sauces, various types of spices, kitchen utensils, and much more delicious Asian food and ingredients.


Aohua Chinese School

AoHua Chinese School offers high-quality Chinese classes in Vienna since April 2014. With both offline and online formats, their diversified classes include Chinese and German courses for students from pre-school to level 10, Chinese classes for adults, as well as piano, violin, dance, and painting lessons. All teachers are excellently trained and are graduates of excellent universities.

About Dragon Boat Festival

Learn more about the first Chinese festival that is recognized as the UNESCO World Intangible Cultural Heritage.

zhong kui 钟馗.jpeg


Zhōng Kui  钟馗. Shōki(in Japanese) is a fierce and powerful warrior who hunts and captures evil spirits and demons.

As one of the most famous Chinese Gods, he was particularly celebrated during Dragan Boat Festival.

Mini Fest by chuanmener

The mini-fest powered by chuanmener is a self-organized urban event dedicated to using the five senses to bring the beauty of China and the world together. We handpick representative brands, products, and activities, to bridge traditional cultural experience to anyone who's interested and cherish cultural appreciation.

Together with our partners, we hope that our joint passions can drive more power, and use the world's perspective to convey the beauty of China to the Chinese and anyone who is interested in Chinese culture. We look forward to participating brands, communities, educational groups, cultural groups or associations, and volunteers who are interested in participating. Self-recommendations and recommendations are welcome!




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chuanmener always welcomes like-minded

inter-cultural practitioners to join the force.



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