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The role of Chinese gods is closely related to the daily life of Chinese people, many of them are "scheduled" to fulfill their particular duty by our ancestors in the Lunar Calendars. ​


Now let's start, welcome to get to know these great gods with Chuanmener
现在,跟着chuan men er串门儿一起开始认识认识这些大神吧!

Door Gods

After Sun-set, January 21, 2023 



​Theme: Putting up your Door God. The best time to post door gods is after sunset on Chinese Lunar New Year’s Eve, when the whole family is here, and before the New Year’s Eve dinner. 



Lunar New Year preparation in Vietnam
​Family & Safety


Door God​


The Door God (Men Shen, 门神 are a pair of Chinese deities who act as the guardians of thresholds. The two brothers protect the occupants of a building from demons and bad luck, feeding interlopers to their pet tigers.


According to historical records, Door Gods first appeared in the Zhou Dynasty. From the emperor to the common people, they all pay homage to the door gods. Sacrifice is an extremely important ceremony every year.

The earliest Door Gods are Shentu and Yulei. According to the "Shan Hai Jing", they are under the big peach tree on the sacred mountain "Dusuo Mountain" in the East China Sea all year round. They are responsible for guarding the gate of ghosts and preventing harmful ghosts from entering the world. Zong Mo of the Southern Dynasties "Jingchu Sui Shi Ji" said: "Sui Dan, two gods are painted to stick to the left and right sides of the household, the left god is Tu, and the right Yu Lei is commonly known as the Door God."

With the changes of the times, the meaning of Door Gods has evolved from simply exorcising ghosts and evil spirits to praying for blessings. In addition to the original door gods such as Shen Tu and Yu Lei, many new gods have been added to the Door Gods.

From the Yuan and Ming Dynasties, with the spread of the contents of "Journey to the West" and "The Romance of the Sui and Tang Dynasties" among the people, the Military General Qin Qiong (Qin Shubao) and Yuchi Gong (Yuchi Jingde) of the Tang Dynasty greatly improved their popularity as MuMen Gods, and later generations gradually evolved into the main representative of Door Gods God. With the diversification of folk needs, there are more and more types of door gods, and later there are "civilian types", "military generals", "auspicious beasts", "immortals" and so on.

How to choose, create, color, post, and even put down the Door Gods can be an art.  👉 click to learn more.





​如何选择、张贴、甚至怎么处理门神都是很有讲究的。下载或者彩绘你自己的门神,👉 点击这里获取更多。

Chuanmener Reading Time

Folk Stories from Lunar Year Pictures


​About Lunar Year Picture

Lunar Year Pictures (年画Nián Huà​​) is a Chinese folk painting, which is often displayed inside a residential house or at the gate during the Spring Festival. The production method is usually wood engraving and then rubbing and coloring, but some are just hand-painted. It carries stories from generation to generation for thousands of years, especially stories about Chinese Gods for generations.  

年画(Nián Huà)是一种中国民间绘画,是春节期间在私人住宅内或大门口展示的版画。制作方式通常是木质版刻后拓印上彩,但也有一些只是手绘。 它承载着千百年来世代相传的故事,尤其是关于中国神灵的故事。

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