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Meet Chinese Domestic Gods

The pantheon of Chinese gods and goddesses is extensive, spanning thousands of years as well as different ethnic groups and changing geographical boundaries. Some of the most enduring deities are well-known among the Chinese, such as Pangu, the Jade Emperor, Guanyin, Sun Wukong, and the Eight Immortals.

Like other cultures, each Chinese god has a specific "scope of work". These different Chinese gods promote or warn people's good and evil behaviors, and provide rules for social relationships and living principles. Most interestingly, these gods have both serious images, as well as "pop" images that are adapted to different regions, dialects, and ethics and evolved through Chinese history. From the emperor to the ordinary people, from temples to the countryside, these rules and influences have penetrated for thousands of years till now, shaping Chinese Identity and Value as a non-religious religion.

中国神仙的万神殿范围广泛,跨越数千年,跨越不同的民族和不断变化的地域界限。 一些最经久不衰的神灵几乎所有人都耳熟能详,比如盘古、玉皇大帝、观音菩萨、孙悟空和八仙儿。


和其他文化类似,每个中国大神都会有一个非常具体的“工作职能“。这些不同的中国神仙对人的善恶行为会进行很具体的鼓励或警示,对任何的衣食住行社会关系提供规则。 有意思的是,这些神仙既有严肃的形象,也有民间亲切诙谐的流行形象,就好像“漫画”一样随着时代的变化与民族和地域的不同亲密结合。从皇帝到平民,从庙台到乡间,这些神仙的影响跨越了千年渗透至今。老祖宗通过神仙传达的为人处事的规矩更是塑造了中华文明的认同感,就像是华人共享的非宗教价值信仰。


The role of Chinese gods is closely related to the daily life of Chinese people, many of them are "scheduled" to fulfill their particular duty by our ancestors in the Lunar Calendars. 


January 14-15, 2023 



​Theme: Preparing for Chinese New Year, Kitchen God's Headquarter Report.


Lunar New Year preparation in Vietnam


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Now let's start, welcome to get to know these great gods with Chuanmener
现在,跟着chuan men er串门儿一起开始认识认识这些大神吧!

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